Cannot Stay in One Place

There are people in this world for whom security and responsibility are the primary values. They follow all of society’s rules, receiving responsible degrees, entering the work force when they are expected to and creating a very tidy life for themselves and their loved ones. And then there are those who do not fit that mold. The ones who question all of society’s constructs, who get degrees in the arts and then, instead of taking a career, choose to wander the planet instead, at the cost of security and financial responsibility, in order to discover themselves.

People have the freedom to choose between these two options, however, only one of them is going to earn them the praise and support of society. All of Western society is constructed to accommodate the first type of person; the one who fits into the predetermined mold. Society honors people like this because they follow the rules and do not rock the boat. Society knows that they will be a loyal tax payer and consumer, and celebrates their lifestyle.

For those who think there is more to life than receiving a good pension and wish to throw away the rule book that society offers, there is much less support. Those who take time to travel, learn about the world, experience life changing moments and gain perspective are offered very little. They have to hope for seasonal work, beg for a place to stay and not hope for anything more than minimum wage. Every establishment they work for or with assumes they have a permanent address somewhere. Tax law is not written for their circumstances. There are numerous ways that long term travelers are told by society that their lifestyle is not welcome.

Like so many have voiced, society is crumbling around the rigid constructs that it tightly enforces. If it does not find a way to make room for people with alternative lifestyles, such as travelers, it will fall apart.

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