Obsessive Traveller

We all know someone with wanderlust. The kind of person that does not like to stay in one place for long. The kind that has a burning hunger to adventure to unknown places and have unplanned experiences, to see things and try things they would not be able to see and try by planting roots. This type of person often gets overlooked by society as a throw away person. They are stereotyped as not contributing to society and lacking direction.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The saying “not all who wander are lost” is the reality that many people are too ignorant to accept. Certain types of people spend time wandering and it is a necessary component of our society. Just the way bees play a necessary role in cross pollinating different plants, wandering persons play an important role in spreading cultural ideas and community. They benefit themselves through self discovery and they benefit society by adding color and texture to it.

The idea that we all have to live in the same way is preposterous. A traveling lifestyle is an alternative way of living. The average traveler supports themselves by finding work as they travel or buy using artisan skills to earn a meager living. They are independent, despite living on the cheap. Who would find fault in that, besides someone who fears and rejects people they do not understand? The traveling lifestyle is harmless and offers the traveler great reward.

The next time you encounter a compulsive traveler, be gracious to them, not judgmental. The kind of person who wanders is soulful and is seeking answers. Some people do it by nature and some do it to heal from past hurts. Either way, they are on a personal journey that is harmless to the rest of society. What they are doing requires bravery and open-mindedness. They possess the courage to step away from the security of the working world for a time and listen to what the universe has to tell them.

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