The Traveling Learner

Oftentimes, when people think of travel they think of all of the places they’d like to go. Their eyes snap shut, and they begin to drift away—at night, or during the day—to a faraway destination. In doing so, many find themselves taking on these locations, whether it be presently—or later on within their life—years down the road. However, even though a number of individuals are always on the go, and enjoy moving from place to place, several carry different motives for doing so. In fact, one of the biggest reasons that people travel is to learn—for learning brings about many great opportunities.

First and foremost, traveling to learn brings new language, depending on what country, state, city, etc. that the traveler decides on. There are a wide range of languages that are spoken in our world today, with over six thousand to learn from. In turn, individuals who travel have the opportunity to not only connect with others through language, but have the opportunity to broaden their own knowledge as well.

Second, traveling to learn brings about new cuisine. For, there are a number of dishes that people can try when they visit different places—because each location has different foods that they are known for. As a result, this allows individuals to get out of their comfort zones, and expose their taste buds to something new, instead of the traditional foods which they are used to.

Third, traveling to learn helps individuals to gain a deeper appreciation for the world around them, and better understand as to how others operate in the world around them. For, as one begins to travel from place to place, they oftentimes find that the people that surround them live a whole lot differently than they do, even if those people are only states away. However, when people don’t travel they fail to expose themselves to such, as they reside only in that which they are accustomed to, rather than enjoying—and learning of—other cultures, foods, landscapes, languages, clothing, etc.

In conclusion, traveling can be beneficial to those who have a desire—and/or willingness to learn—by giving them the opportunity to learn a new language(s), experience new cuisines, learn about different cultures, and/or gain a deeper appreciation for the world around them. In turn, traveling can serve as a life altering experience, and can even be therapeutic for the individual embarking in such, as he/she embraces in his/her surroundings.

The Traveling Writer

When many think of travel, the first thing they think of is a warm place of rest and relaxation—such as a beach, or other similar locales. But while some travel on their own accord, others travel because work requires it. For instance, some of these people have occupations such as travel writing. But, even as such serves as their line of work, travel is still oftentimes enjoyable to most of them, which has lead them to pursue it as a full time career. However, in order for them to do so, they must first establish themselves within that of their field which can be done through a number of ways.

First and foremost is social media, which serves to benefit traveling writers by giving them the opportunity to share their photos and content with the world that surrounds them. Not only that, but it allows others to keep up to date on the things of various countries, continents, and/or states, that remain out of reach to them in that particular moment. This can also help them to gain more knowledge so that they can determine where they would like to travel in the future. Such can give them the opportunity to plan ahead of time in a more efficient way.

Second, travel writers must form a plan through figuring out which destinations, activities, etc. that they are passionate about. For, everyone has a different preference. Some travelers take interest in colder climates, while some take interest in hotter climates. In turn, this may cause individuals to feel lured to locations that follow these types of weather patterns. But, weather is not the only way that traveling writers are able to find their preference. They can find it through locations that they have desired to travel to for a prolonged amount of time. This comes easy to many as most of us have at least one place on our bucket list that we have always wanted to visit.

In conclusion, traveling can be someone’s source of enjoyment no matter whether or not they are doing it of their own accord, or whether or not they are doing it because their occupation requires such. However, one must be careful when traveling because if they are not then they may find the reason behind their exploration is to escape. But, if one travels with good intent, then he/she may find himself/herself experiencing a great joy in doing so, that may differ greatly from that of his/her home life.

The Hopeful Traveler

Day by day, several individuals travel throughout the world, either for their own enjoyment, or because obligations-such as work-requires it of them. But even so, each person has a motive for why he/she does so. For example, the traveling worker pursues that of his/her career while in transit; the traveling learner likes to gain knowledge of various aspects such as language and culture as he/she goes from place to place. Yet among these two comes another type, the hopeful traveler, who may travel 1. to search for his/her soulmate in hopes of finding him/her, and/or 2. who travels in hopes to encounter something different than what he/she is used to.

First and foremost is those who travel to search for their soulmates, in hopes of finding him/her. Some who scope the world -far and wide-for this reason may or may not be comfortable with admitting it right off the bat, as it serves as a subject which lies close to their heart. For, they believe that there is that one special person out there for them, and if they haven’t found them nearby-within that of their current location-then they may somewhere else. But while several are motivated by the pursuit-and/or search-of their other half, many are motivated by other means… encountering something different.

Second is those who travel in hopes of encountering something different than what he/she is used to. These are the travelers who may just want a change within their life, whether it be in an attempt to escape their daily routine, to see different scenery, to embrace themselves with a fresh start, to meet new people, etc. Some may even feel as though by encountering something different they can resolve a conflict-and/or difficult circumstance-in that of their own lives. But while they search for escape, traveling serves as the easiest form of such, a quick getaway. Yet even so, they oftentimes find that the resolve they searched world wide for-and needed all along-was right within that of their own front door, rather than countries away.

In conclusion, hopeful travelers are oftentimes ambitious dreamers. For, they want the best for themselves-and will accept nothing less- until they obtain what they are looking for. But even though hopeful travelers all connect-and/or relate-in this way, they still contrast greatly because the motives that one holds for traveling will always differ from that of the next person, even if it’s minor. For, no one traveler is the same-just as no one person is the same-due to differing interests.

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